Scheduled Maintenance Guide

1)Parts additional if needed. 2) Charged seperately when applicable. 3) Initial replacement at 100,000 miles/120 months. Replace every 50,000 miles/60 months thereafter. (Charged separately when applicable) 4) Inspect thickness measurement and disc run-out. 5) Spark plug application vary by engine model, replacement schedule is standard plugs at 30k, Platinum Plugs at 60k, and Iridium Plugs at 120k. (Charged separately) 6) Replace Timing Belts on applicable vehicles every 90,000 miles (Charged separately when applicable) 7) Initial inspection at 60,000 miles/72 months. Inspect every 15,000 miles/18 months thereafter) 8) Aftermarket components may add additional time and charges to operation) 9) Perform every 120,000 miles/144 months